At MCLC everyone knows that August is a greatly anticipated month because it brings us all together for our annual student celebration. It is an evening of shared stories, awards, camaraderie, and, of course, a feast of culinary delights provided by those in attendance.


After celebration there are a few quiet weeks when many students and staff members take a short break for some well- earned rest and relaxation. And then, after Labor Day, the atmosphere at Read Moore Center and the tutoring sites around the county comes alive with a new focus and energy.

In just the past two months we have trained nine new tutors, all of whom are already paired with students. Those students who are enrolled in a program that is funded by our generous Dollar General Literacy grant have all passed their first evaluation with flying colors.  Julia Poisson, our Seven Lakes site coordinator has been very busy with thirteen tutor-student pairs who meet in the beautiful space donated by St. Mary Magdalene’s Church. Of special note for this group : Marian Maroney, our long time Program Specialist who retired in August has stepped into a tutor role in Seven Lakes, thus lending new meaning to the definition of “committed.”


At Read Moore we have welcomed our new evening site coordinator, Kristy Bonk. Kristy has brought her special brand of high energy and joie de vivre to her work with the Literacy Council. In two short months she has introduced the fun of word games to the mix of tutoring efforts, and we now have a Scrabble board on permanent display in our lobby for those moments when someone is moved to make a word.

Just this morning Thomas and I earned six points for our Halloween themed word: “Boo!”


Then, too, we have experienced the joy of welcoming students from countries other than our own, and in the last two months that has meant students from Morocco, Jamaica, and Peru. All of our students bring their unique talents and stories to their journey of learning; and in the process, they refresh and renew our journey, as well.                                                


  • CALL FOR BOOKS: Since we have expanded our book basket to five additional sites we find ourselves low on books. We would be happy to accept gently used books (hardback or paperback) that you would like recycled into the community. The only books we cannot accept are encyclopedias and text books.
  • TUTORS: We have added a few new educational websites to the Tutor Resources page to provide some new learning resource tools - check it out!


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