The Moore County Literacy Council is pleased to announce a new initiative called “Journey of Learning” which offers donors the opportunity to sponsor an individual for a year of one-to-one tutoring and access to computer labs. The tutoring takes place at the Read Moore Center in Southern Pines, as well as satellite sites throughout the county. In return for their support, sponsors will receive quarterly postcards with updates on student progress together with an invitation to attend the Literacy Council’s annual student Celebration of Achievement in August.

“Some of the adults who come to us to learn to read wish to remain anonymous, states Literacy Council Executive Director, Beth Daniels. Sometimes they are ashamed because they feel as adults there is an expectation that they “should” be able to read. Oftentimes, they have been told that they are not capable of learning. Our students for whom English is a second language are usually juggling work and family considerations, and many of them hold more than one job. It is our responsibility to assure all adult students that we are committed to their learning journey and will support them every step of the way. In return, sharing their stories and progress, even if anonymously, helps everyone to better understand the challenges they face and their achievements along the way.”

Although the services provided by the Literacy Council are always free to the students, they are not free of expense. Pam Giambelluca, Director of Program Services, explains: “Our wonderful tutors donate their time and talent which is a huge savings to us. Nevertheless, it currently costs the Literacy Council $885 to support a student for a year. This includes all of the study and testing materials, computer programs, and general overhead expenses. It is an incredible value when you consider that students and tutors meet every week for an hour to an hour and a half and the students have access to the computer labs on a very generous schedule."


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  • REMINDER: The Read Moore Center will be closed on Labor Day (Monday, September 1).
  • UPCOMING TUTOR TRAINING CLASSES: First up is a September class with training sessions on Sept 9,16,23,30. Click HERE for more details!


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